Assisting Law Students From Western NY Achieve Their Educational Goals Through Scholarships and Grants

The L. Robert and Della M. Nessler Memorial Law School Scholarship offers a variety of different grant and scholarship programs.

This fund seeks to award 10 educational scholarships annually, of $10,000 each, to qualified Law Students from Western New York State. The Charitable Trust is also accepting grant requests from other charitable trusts who intend to use grant funds for similar purposes.

About The Nesslers

L. Robert Nessler was a practicing attorney in Rochester, NY for many decades. Not only were he and his wife, Della M. Nessler, passionate about the practice of law, but also about education in general. Read about their lives and how The Charitable Trust that memorializes them came to be.

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Scholarships To Individuals

The Charitable Trust will provide scholarship grants to individuals for study at an educational institution, which meets certain requirements. Each applicant must be accepted to, or already enrolled at, an accredited law school. Interested students must complete and submit an application for the scholarship program. Find out more about selection criteria and apply here.

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Grants To Charitable Trusts

The Charitable Trust shall accept grant requests from other charitable trusts that conduct charitable activities and that are tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Find out more about the requirements and awards and apply for grant funding here.

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Begin the Process of Applying for a Law School Scholarship or Grant Funding Today

If you feel you are an applicant that meets the requirements of a grant or scholarship award through The L. Robert and Della M. Nessler Memorial Law School Scholarship Charitable Trust, then you are encouraged to apply through our website’s secure application forms.

For individuals, that scholarship application form is found here.

For other charitable trusts, that grant application form is found here.

All Applications Received Will Be Reviewed by The Charitable Trust’s Board of Trustees.

Grants will be awarded to the applicants that that demonstrate the greatest potential for utilizing the resources to fulfill the Charitable Trust’s stated objectives. Here is an example of the award letter grant recipients will receive.

Scholarships will be awarded to candidates who demonstrate the greatest potential for utilizing the resources offered by the scholarship program. Once selected to receive a scholarship, here is an example of the award letter scholarship recipients will receive.

If you have additional questions, after reading all information thoroughly but before applying, you can contact us through our secure contact form with specific inquiries related to the application process.