The L. Robert and Della M. Nessler Memorial Law School Scholarship Charitable Trust
Scholarship Application

For individuals seeking scholarship funding, please fill out all information below as thoroughly as possible and hit submit.  Scholarship recipients will receive an award letter in substantially the format shown here.

For scholarship consideration within the 2020 academic year, all scholarship applications must be submitted by December 1, 2019.

Note:  All decisions concerning selection of scholarship recipients are made by a Board of Trustees that is solely responsible for the final selection and the award of scholarships to individuals so selected.  The Charitable Trust prohibits the awarding of any scholarship to a relative of any member of the Board of Trustees and, further, prohibits giving consideration of any such award.  “Relatives” include ancestors, spouses, siblings, children and the spouses, siblings and children of such individuals.  Adopted children and stepchildren are included in this definition.

Your application will be considered after all forms have been completed and all documents received by the Board of Trustees, via this secure online form, on or before the deadline of 2020.

Please be sure to:

  1. Fill out the application form below completely prior to submission.
  2. Attach material, including your academic transcripts and letters of recommendation, to support   your application prior to submission

I hereby certify that all information and attachments are true to my knowledge.  I understand that false information may disqualify me from consideration for this award.